Sarah Silverman has a smoky surprise in her purse…

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Sarah Silverman has a smoky surprise in her purse…

The young and talented comedian hit the red carpet of the 2014 Emmys, but that’s not all she's making headlines by hitting. When she allowed a celebrity reporter to browse the contents of her purse on the red carpet, she invited us all to have a look at her recreational choices too.

As the reporter looked on, Sarah revealed her vape pen which she also enthusiastically explained was her “pot”. She was carrying an electronic vaporizer full of liquid thc goodness! Apparently if you really want to kick up 66th Primetime Emmy Awards you need to have a few tokes from your vape pen. Jimmy Fallon helps the stoned comedian make her exit down a set of stairs as she voices her concern over being Jimmy “falling”.

She exclaims ’’Merica” when describing her phone case. Maybe America is finally catching on! Silverman was baked on the red carpet but she’s not the only comedian to boast about inhaling vapes. Whoopi Goldberg also talks about how her vape pen changed her life!

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