Smoking Vapes to look cool and hip? or fight addiction?

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A new film starring Milla Jovovich and Ethan Hawke is due to hit theaters soon. The film is set in present day and there are scenes with Milla taking pulls from an "e-cig" or electronic cigarette. This is big considering the fact electronic cigarette companies are paying for these product placements on the big screen. As of now, there are no regulations for the appearance of these vapor producing pens in film and movies. E-cigarette sales are booming and rising as the vape lifestyle catches on. But what does this mean for companies trying to cash in on this goldmine of a marketing opportunity?


Well for one, everyone can look forward to new federal regulations on the use of imagery centered on such devices. Vaporizers and E-cigs are coming under the spotlight not only on set but also under heavy public, medical and political scrutiny. While some large e-cigarette companies may think having their products in the hands of stars like the former supermodel Jovovich will increase their coolness and hip factors, others are using the devices to curb addiction.


Meanwhile, a study was recently conducted that showed cancer patients who used e-cigarettes are equally or less likely to quit smoking tobacco products. Although the study is under fire from scientists who claim it's bias, it goes to show the attention that vaporizors are getting is serious. Hollywood may have it's sites on the glamour associated with smoking or "vaping" e-cigarettes but the truth is doing so may have much greater implications than any of us know. If cancer patients can use vapes to stop smoking, and e-cigarettes appear in film being used by big name celebrities what will big tobacco companies do then? Surely they are already sneering at the progress of the industry in last few years.


Unfortunately that also leaves us to ask what will happen if it's proven that e-cigarettes and smoking or inhaling vapors don't help curb analog smoking? Will e-cigs and vaporizors become a way for Hollywood to simply keep us watching?


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