Cosmic Honey Hive Dome 14mm or 18 mm

  • $ 190.95

Introducing the Honey Hive Dome by Cosmic, Makers of High End Smoking Equipment. Proudly made in the USA, The Honey Hive Dome is a vapor dome with a fully adjustable "Honey Bucket" bowl. Attached to a swing arm, the Grade 2 Titanium Honey Bucket bowl can be safely moved away from the dome to be heated with a torch. Once heated, use the handle to swing the heated bucket back inside. The Honey Bucket contains 9 diffusion holes to allow even air flow throughout the bowl. The depth, angle and position of the Honey Bucket are fully adjustable allowing you to choose the desired position. The Honey Hive Dome makes an excellent alternative to traditional vapor domes & nails. 



  • Honey Hive Dome by Cosmic 
  • Includes Grade 2 Titanium Honey Bucket
  • Fully Adjustable Swing Arm 
  • Slide Joint
  • Made in USA